Where have all the liberals gone? 

Is it me, or has politics in Australia become a two way race contested by the conservatives of the Coalition and the socialists of the Labor Party? (I should include the Greens and the Democrats but, they are currently having their own battle to become the third 'force' in Australian politics. Plus they are too weak at the moment anyway.)

Where are the liberals? The battlers for individual choice and freedoms? The supporters of liberty and helping their fellow man?

Do they exist in small pockets in the established parties? or has their voice been lost to an increasingly conservative working class?

The Governments' plan to ban same sex marriage, and the subsequent lack of uproar is a small sign that liberals are too few or too scared to say something.

I believe it is time for the liberal person to stand up and declare themselves as liberal, conservatives and socialists don't have a problem doing this, neither should we.

At the political level, what is the best way for liberals to regain their voice in Parliament? Should liberals join one party and try to gain a majority voice within it? Or should liberals join many parties and influence the policy coming out of all parties?

I suppose we can only answer this question once liberals have come out of the poilitical wilderness and have decided to once again play an integral (and much needed) role in politics.

It's up to us.

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Which New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Are You? 

This is very funny, have a go.

Nicholas Kristof
You are Nicholas D. Kristof! You enjoy travelling,
going as far as China, Africa, Alaska, and
Central America for a good story. You use a lot
of quotes and references in your stories. You
tackle tough issues like AIDS and religion,
which makes you controversial among Christians.
You're a good man, Nicholas D. Kristof.

Which New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Are You?
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